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I need some help either betaing or possibly co-writing a fic.

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Title: Raising Cain
Author: Oh, Bingo!
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ambrose/ Cain
Summary: Ambrose and Cain have a bit of a blow out.
Disclaimer: Not mine, or else they’d be way more affectionate (and I’d be more sweaty)
Warnings: I have allowed myself to indulge in my logophilic tendencies, grab your dictionaries girls and boys (I haven’t seen any of you but you may be hanging about) it’s gonna be a rough ride. 
Thanks to my beta's  blackletter and vibishan for all their help, you guys rock! 

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Title: Of Hairbrushes and Large Books
Author: Oh, Bingo!
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gee, I wonder.
Summary: Sweet, vignette; Cain comes home after a log day at work.
Warnings: Pure unadulterated sap… like most everything else I write. Some light beta work, still may be a few errors, please don’t feel shy about pointing them out. I appreciate any opportunity to improve.
Disclaimer: Fairly obviously, not mine.

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Please let me know if I'm spamming, I just can't seem to make the plot bnnies shut up!

Grrrrr, damn it m***** f****** plot bunnies, I went, I laid in bed, I got this while staring at the ceiling…
Title: Carry On (Named for the Ben's brother song of the same name)
Author: Oh, Bingo!
Rating: PG-13
Warning: SAP! (When is any of mine not)
Summary: In which Ambrose is self-conscious, and transparent, and in which Cain does the same psychic best friend thing Jared always does to me.
Dedicated to Jared for all the times I’ve had to put him to bed when he falls asleep programming
This fic Beta'd by my father-in-law, yes, you heard me, my father-in-law, he caught me writing and started reading over my shoulder, Actually admited that though he thought the subject matter was strange I was a pretty good writer. So i did what any good fanfic writer would I roped him into Beta-ing it. *Sweat-drop* I still can't quite wrap my mind around it... Popz you're a wierdo, but thanks...I think.

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Can I do this twice in one day? Alan being fucking adorable! Promoting his film Suffering Man's Charity. 

Alan being sexy undressing and talking about his colone! EEP!!!!!!

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Meow! It’s Thursday and aside for a small spot of sleep yesterday morning (about 2 hrs.) I haven’t slept since Mon. night. And being as I can’t make any noise because everyone else is normal and actually has a sleeping schedule I’m gonna write some more if I can.

Not entirely happy with this, but I've decided I'm through messing with it for now...

Title: Spectacles
Author: Oh, Bingo!
Rating: NC-17 for what it perhaps the most half assed sex scene I've ever writen
Sumary: Ambrose finds his reading spectacles
Disclaimer: Please, really, if they were mine would I have the time to be doing this.

EEP! I nearly forgot, Inspired By... Shame on me!

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I've been an  Alan Cumming fan for a while, just never really bothered to look anything about him up

Everyone shoud really check out http://www.alancumming.com/ 

I had suspected, now I'm sure! He smokes I love it! Two smokers left in the world!

I'm officially obsessed, Alan Cumming is so cool!

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I've drawn Glitch, sort of Tooney version, let me know what you think, be vicious, I can take it.  Glitch

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If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

(tends to gesticulate wildly when conversing)


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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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